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For a change I am not going to write about 2012, but share some of my best from the year.


I made it! My BA exam. About discriminations of minorities (muslims) within the Danish health care system, and how nurses can inform them the best way.


Happy Nurse. 19th of January - graduation day! I was so proud that day, making it, at the age of 22.


The best way to celebrate! Travels! A week after my graduation I went traveling, with first stop in UAE!


With new (cs) friends. Camping in the desert of UAE.


From UAE I traveled to Thailand and stayed 3 days in Bangkok, before making my way to Cambodia. First stop: Angkor Wat. Second stop - A town on south coast where my uncle Kristinn lived. Here enjoying our day snorkeling, fishing and relaxing at the beach + getting sunburned!


From Cambodia I made my way to Malaysia. I didnt plan to spend any days in Kuala Lumpur, but go straight to Tioman Island. Happy about changing my plans, and get to know my silly hosts, where I surfed at for 5 nights instead of only 1!


The best feeling ever! Relaxing and no worries at all. Tioman Island, ABC. (Malaysia). 429141_10150608625780248_1876067733_n

After 2 weeks in Malaysia, I did fly from Kuala Lumpur to India. At first, I didnt plan to visit India, but I am oh so happy about my change of plans! I LOVE India! Can´t wait to go back. 2 weeks there is far from being enough.


Back home.. The only reason for stopping my travels after 6 weeks was my good friends wedding party. Congratz to Nathalie and Karim! :)


Back to Normal life. Moving! I´ve been waiting so long to move and change place. And here I finally got it :)


One of the new years resolutions for 2012: Make home. Here it is!


mmmm Iceland! At midnight! In june. Love the 24/7 daylight. Not to be missed.


And this is the best! I attended Daniels first Birthday party!


My love. Baby brother Daniel.


Berlin with Maria - doing free hugs at Alexanderplatz.



These 2 boys deserve a picture as well. Spent quite a lot of time with them 2012 :)


Oh! He´s here! My dads, Daniels and Sæþórs visit in Denmark in September. First time at the amusement park togehter with our grandparents, dad and 3 out of 4 siblings. Family quality time.


Yearly trip with Danish friends ;) This year we went to Ystad. A town in South sweden where 2 of the girls work(ed) as a nurse.


Another jumping picture in Sweden. This time in Gothenburg! :) Beuatiful Islands!


My love for UAE. Loved my first stay in January, so I had to go back :) November 2012 - in Abu Dhabi.


CS meeting in Copenhagen. CS has been big in my life since 2008. I have 1000x of pictures of my hosts, surfers and meetings. But this night was a little special one :) 17th of November. (ooops! Now with dark hair;))   


EArly December. Unfortunately I couldnt go back home for Christmas, but had the change to visit in start of the month, and got my holiday mood there :) Here having dinner with my family at home.


Christmas eve with friends. Drinks, games, good food and great friends. Can't get much better than so!

What a year! I definiately had my ups and downs. But over all it was great :) I'm looking forward to a great healthy year, full of love, respect and peace.  


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